What to expect from your Night Lens (Ortho-K) fitting

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Night Lenses also known as Orthokeratology or Ortho-K, is a revolutionary non-surgical vision correction method that reshapes the cornea using specially designed gas permeable contact lenses. This process allows for clear vision without the need for glasses or daytime contact lenses. Below is a guide to the fitting process and typical follow-up appointment schedule that ensure the success of this vision correction method.

Step 1: Comprehensive Eye Exam

Before diving into Ortho-K, a comprehensive eye exam is needed. This exam serves two main purposes: checking your prescription and assessing your overall eye health. The optometrist will determine your suitability for Ortho-K by evaluating factors such as corneal health, tear film quality, your glasses prescription and the curvature of your cornea.

Step 2: Decision to Proceed

Once the eye exam is complete, and the optometrist establishes that you are a suitable candidate for Ortho-K, the next step is deciding whether to proceed with the fitting. If you choose to move forward, the doctor will order custom-made Ortho-K lenses tailored to your eye's unique shape and prescription.

Step 3: Initial Fitting

When the Ortho-K lenses arrive, you'll attend an initial fitting appointment. During this session, the optometrist will carefully place the lenses on your eyes and ensure a proper fit. They'll also teach you how to insert and remove the lenses, providing detailed instructions to ensure you're comfortable and confident in managing your lenses at home.

Step 4: Follow-Up Appointments

Ortho-K is a dynamic process that requires ongoing monitoring and adjustments to achieve optimal results. The follow-up appointments are a critical aspect of the fitting process, and they typically occur at specific intervals:

  • One Day Follow-Up: This appointment allows the optometrist to assess your initial response to the Ortho-K lenses, ensuring they are fitting well and any concerns you have after your first night. At this time, you most likely won’t have the desired vision without the lenses just yet.
  • One Week Follow-Up: At this stage, the optometrist will evaluate your progress, address any concerns or discomfort, and make any necessary adjustments to enhance the effectiveness of the lenses.
  • One Month Follow-Up: After wearing the Ortho-K lenses for a month, the doctor will conduct a more comprehensive assessment of your vision and eye health. This allows them to fine-tune the prescription and ensure long-term success.
  • Three and Six Months Follow-Up: Long-term success with Ortho-K requires regular check-ins. At the three and six-month mark, the optometrist will evaluate the stability of your vision correction.

In some cases, more frequent follow-ups may be necessary for tougher fittings.


Orthokeratology is a transformative vision correction method that offers freedom from glasses and daytime contact lenses. The fitting process involves precise customization of the lenses. The follow-up appointments play a crucial role in the treatment and ensuring your ongoing satisfaction with the results. As you embark on the Ortho-K journey, rest assured that your optometrist will be there every step of the way to guide you towards clearer, sharper vision.